The Basic Parts of a Car -EricTheCarGuy

The Basic Parts of a Car -EricTheCarGuy

“The Basic Parts of a Car” has actually been a long standing request to me, I was glad to be able to fill that request with this video. I will say that I didn’t cover EVERYTHING but I feel this is a pretty good overview of the basic components of a modern car. Feel free to add your own input in the comments. Here are those video links I promised that may give you more in depth information.

VIN decoder

Basic Parts of an Engine

Replacing a Hydroboost unit

Stay dirty


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Cleaning auto parts the smart way – Smart Washer parts cleaner

Cleaning auto parts the smart way – Smart Washer parts cleaner

For anyone that had a shop or needs to clean auto parts, this is one of the best part washers on the market . Chemical and odor free which is awesome and it actually cleans parts. You can get more information here at on all the different units as well as different cleaning solutions they offer.

Napa sells the washer and supplies at

Carquest also offers the units but you need to call your local store and get a price from their parts buyer.

Both Napa and CarQuest are close on the price for the unit and supplies so it’s best to call and check with both.

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What You Need to Do About Car Parts and Auto Parts

What You Need to Do About Car Parts and Auto Parts Starting in the Next 20 Minutes

Car Parts and Auto Parts

If you understand enough about cars, you can most likely resolve quite a bit of issues with your car by yourself. Transporting your vehicle should be an easy practice. Some people could even ask you once you got a new vehicle.

You should arrange to select your vehicle up during the day so you will have the ability to see whether there’s damage anywhere on the body of your vehicle. If your auto is looking drab on the outside, go on and find that makeover. It is precisely the same thing by means of your car. After the auto was shipped, the auto transport service should have the ability to inform you as soon as the auto will arrive and ought to call you as soon as it actually does. There are many affairs that you can do inside the vehicle also. When picking up an imported auto, you might have to arrange to have the automobile inspected by customs before you’ll be permitted to select the car home.

There’s a wide variety of car covers on the industry, with a budget for each and every budget. Last, even when a vehicle is kept in a garage, it doesn’t receive 100% protection. Purchasing a used car provides several benefits over purchasing new, the majority of which have to do with price.

Yes, should you not actively guard your vehicle in some manner, it will get ruined. The auto can sprint from 0 to 60 km one hour in only 6.6 seconds. Folks use their car until it appears like it will drop. Whether you work on your vehicle or truck yourself or you’ve got a mechanic you trust, you are going to want to put money into premium quality auto parts. Whether you are in need of a vehicle battery for routine maintenance, a new alternator or generator, or a total engine rebuilding kit, it is possible to find the right vehicle part for your car on eBay.

Key Pieces of Car Parts and Auto Parts

You should check into mechanics before there’s a problem because you don’t need to go stuck with a person who will overcharge you an arm and a leg! You usually visit the vehicle mechanic if there is an issue with your auto or a car part particularly. In case you go to an auto mechanic, they can sell you auto parts and auto parts for a fairly great selling price, in comparison to what you’d pay for at Sears or other auto stores, for example.

Car parts are among the principal elements of car repairing or maintaining. Folks should not attempt to install such components on their own because this might reduce the performance of vehicle as opposed to enhancing it. Until and unless the aforesaid car component is unable to boost the performance of vehicle, it isn’t of any use.

The idea of working with the pre-used car components has become popular and the handiest way to keep up the car. It’s the new idea of aftermarket parts. It’s also wise to take pictures following your car was transported too. It is likely to make your vehicle seem shiny and new. Thus, it is essential to have an in depth look at it to be able to know all the specifications of an item.

Selection of an automobile, purchasing and forgetting isn’t possible for practically any automobile owner. If you need replacement parts for your car, we are the business you can depend on to supply the broad assortment of excellent auto parts you require! Whether you’re searching for quality auto parts or an entire vehicle, we have exactly what you need, in addition to the experienced service you demand. Or perhaps you have an array of vehicle or truck interior dash parts to sell. It’s good to hold onto that spare tire as you will never know when you’ll need to utilize it. Brakes are a rather delicate car part, and has to be taken extreme care of.

The OEM parts are accepted by the authorized vehicle manufacture. They are replacement parts that are made by the same manufacturer as the original parts, so you aren’t settling for knock-offs. Additionally it is your responsibility to speak to your insurance carrier or the auto transport service when filing a claim. The automotive salvage market has changed a good deal in the past 17 decades.

The Good, the Bad and Car Parts and Auto Parts

If the vehicle transport service does not wish to cooperate with you after you have filed your claim, you might need to find legal action. Our clients have started to know us as the very best location to purchase auto parts online. Thus, it gets extremely important that you purchase product from a reliable company or private seller with a tested record.

How to Identify Fake Auto Parts?


Most people cannot tell the difference between an original and fake auto part. It may create a lot of problem for your car. Counterfeit auto parts are of lower quality and so can cause harm to your vehicle. These parts may not fit the vehicle’s specifications and eventually lead to more mechanical problems. Counterfeit products can pose a threat to the automotive industry. There will be an economic loss, and people will lose trust on the car manufacturers. To avoid all these issues, you need to be able to tell whether the car part you just bought is original or fake. Here are three ways to detect it.

  1. The price of the car part does not match the price given online or on the manufacturer’s site. If the price is much lower than the Manufacturer Retail Price (MRP), then you know that the product is fake.
  2. If the packaging is of low quality, then you should realize that the product might be fake. You can tell it by the level of thickness of the packaging material.
  3. If you are replacing an old part, compare it with the new one to see if they are similar. The look of the car part may change over the years. Check out the manufacturer’s website to confirm.


To reduce the selling of fake car parts, original manufacturers should educate the consumers about the various car parts. There must be information on their website so that the customers can tell the difference between an original and a fake part. Auto shops should source their products from legitimate sources.

Five Common Causes of Breakdowns


People come to us with different kinds of car problems. We inspect the vehicles and replace the necessary parts. After dealing with damaged cars for so many years, we now know what are the common causes of breakdowns.

Faulty battery

A flat or faulty battery can result in poor electrical connection or many short journeys. When you take your car for servicing in a garage, you must make sure that you check on the battery connections and see if they are clean and protected from corrosion. If you make long journeys often, the chance of your battery getting flat is higher. You should charge your battery after two weeks interval so that it can run for a long time.

Damaged wheels and tires

You should check the tread depth of your tire regularly. If there is uneven tire wear, then your wheels might be misaligned. If you have a spare wheel, make sure that it is inflated and ready to be used. Your Jack must be in a good condition along with other tools.

Starter motor

Starter motors can fail even though they are tough. If you service your car regularly, then you can identify potential faults before they can cause any problem.

Clutch cables

Clutch cables go through a lot of stress. If it breaks, it may cause a serious issue. You should get it checked regularly and if you notice any change in the feel of the clutch after pressing the pedal, then take your car to a servicing shop.

The only way to avoid these problems is to get your car serviced regularly. This way you will be able to detect any problem before it may cause any serious damage to your vehicle.